Blossoms Academy

What We Offer:


Applied Behavior Analysis technology can be applied to academics and we utilize curricula especially designed for special needs academic improvement including: Reading mastery, Corrective Reading, Funnix and other Direct Instruction materials. We tailor academic instruction and goals to each individual and incorporate instruction into small and large groups.
*Please note Blossoms Academy is not an accredited school and does not award HS diplomas

Life and Vocational skills

We want all our kids to have a future where they are safe and productive in the community. All our kids will get some self-care, safety and life skills-training but our teen program will focus on outings, daily chores, and job skills into their daily schedule. We utilize several assessment and curriculum for this such as the Assessment of Functional Living Skills. We hope to keep our campus beautiful by gardening and landscape maintenance.


We believe all children should be able to access fun and stimulating specials. Depending on your child’s age they may participate in yoga, PE, art and music activities as well as themed events.

Social Skills

Social skills are important to successfully integrate into natural school and community environments. Our classrooms will provide opportunities for friendships, conversation, empathy and coping skills. Social skills checklists and assessments will be done to ensure your child can be a flexible and resilient peer. Use of Acceptance and Commitment Training, peer modeling, and video teaching will be a part of our curriculum. 

Teacher Qualifications

All of our teachers hold Bachelors degrees, at minimum, and also have Applied Behavior Analysis training through the Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) coursework and credential.