At Behavior Blossoms We Offer

Discrete Trial Training (DTT)

We incorporate DTT to increase skills in identifying objects, differentiating between objects and sorting objects into groups. y

Functional Communication Training (FCT)

A behavioral concept that replaces inappropriate communication with effective communication.

Pivotal Response Training (PRT)

PRT builds on child's momentum of interest to encourage learning in communication, social and play skills.

Antecedent-Based Interventions

Focuses on controlling conditions prior to presenting a task to decrease potential unwarranted behaviors to increase success.

Social Skills Training

With the use of social stories and skills training groups, while increasing eye contact, joint attention, verbal greetings, etc., we promote a quality social skills package.

Alternative Communication

We teach children effective ways to communicate to their best ability with the use of electronic devices, sign language, PECS, etc..

Picture Exchange Communication System

An augmentative communication system we use to teach children whom have expressive language deficits.


A technique we use to provide a visual to cue correct behavioral responses to increase communication, social and play skills.

Visual Supports

We incorporate visual schedules, structured tasks, daily schedules to help aid in transitions from activities throughout the day.

Parent Training

We provide 1:1 parent training's in the home and community setting that focus on the implementation you child's program outside of ABA therapy.

Academic Assessments

We conduct academic assessments to assess the skills deficits to help increase academic skills for those enrolled in public, private and home-school settings.

Behavioral Consultation

We are able to provide consultation to parents, teachers, school staff, etc..., to decrease low intense behaviors in home, school and community settings.

The Process

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a science that utilizes motivation and environment to increase skills that we would like a child to have and decrease behaviors that are undesired.
At Behavior Blossoms , we teach language and communication skills through verbal operants. This is simply learning by the way that your child operates within his or her surroundings. We create and capture opportunities for language acquisition throughout the session.
ABA also utilizes systematic methods such as breaking down the goals into smaller steps, shaping behavior by arranging contingencies, modifying the environment to ensure success, utilizing reinforcement to inspire achievement.
ABA therapy and early intervention (the ABA way) uses a combination of all evidence-based practices. The methodologies stated above are all overlapping approaches that work to get your child their best results.

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