At Behavior Blossoms We Offer

Social Skills

With the use of social skills curriculum and skills training groups, we work to increase confidence, empathy, attention, greetings and other friendship skills to access vital social engagement that will last a lifetime.

Verbal Behavior

We prioritize Functional Communication Training (FCT) to increase the communication of needs, wants and self-advocacy by using the motivation and medium that works for your child. Your child’s voice will be found by exploring options including vocal speech, sign language, augmentative devices, and picture exchange communication system (PECS).

Behavior Intervention Plan

With functional behavior assessment, we identify why your child is engaging in certain behaviors, and design better ways for them to get their needs met. Our interventions are always least restrictive and focus on your child acquiring the skills they need to meet their developmental milestones.


We provide independent evaluations, parent training, organizational training, and are effective Individual Education Plan (IEP) advocates to help you collaborate with school services. Our clients receive parent training as part of their treatment package so that we can start working as a team to move towards what you value for your child’s future.

Medically Based

We collaborate with doctors, speech therapists and occupational therapists to screen for medical causes and assist clients with behavioral feeding concerns, as well as teach routines to assist in medical environments, so your child can stay healthy!

Life Skills

We work on skills that promote independence in daily life and the future by targeting self-care skills such as potty training, dressing, age appropriate chores, safety and community integration.


At our school, Blossoms Academy, our teacher uses behavioral interventions to fill gaps in learning with structured teaching methods. Blossoms Academy ensures the skills are tested across multiple ways of presentation and in natural contexts, so that their learning is more meaningful. With the use of grade level assessments on IXL, we can identify what your child needs to learn to be successful at school. We utilize direct instruction curriculums such as Funnix, Reading Mastery, and Corrective Reading.


Our intake is an interview and observation to determine your child's and your family's needs, understanding that everyone’s values and circumstances are different. Along with parental requests about important areas, we use the Vineland, VBMAPP, ABLLS, AFLLS, PEAK, and "reinforcer surveys" to determine skill deficits and demonstrate medical necessity for services.

Skills Training

We use the multitude of teaching techniques in our ABA toolbox to help your child acquire the skills they need for life, including: Discrete Trail Training (DTT), Pivotal Response (PRT) and Naturalistic Teaching (NET). We do everything possible to identify your child’s preferred reinforcers and make difficult things easier and more playful so that your child starts to enjoy their therapy experience.

Our Process

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a science that utilizes motivation and environment to increase skills that your child needs to succeed while decreasing behaviors that are harmful or dangerous. The methodologies are complementary approaches that work together to get your child their best results.
At Behavior Blossoms, we value each child’s individual personality and respect their preferences, taking a more holistic, child-led approach
The science of behavior makes us compassionately aware and understand that everyone is doing the best they can with their environmental and learning histories! Children with autism and other behavior disorders display various inappropriate or dangerous ways of getting their needs met because they don’t learn from their environment naturally, and this creates a need to systematically teach appropriate skills. We have built our model around sitting with you in understanding and helping you take the hard steps forward towards what you value for your child. Our staff are passionate about seeing progress, not just on graphs, but in joy. Your child is a child first, we believe in human emotions and forging changes in behavior that help strengthen relationships. Our science doesn’t work without the human element, without collaborative relationships, and without empathy. Parents, you know your child best, reaching out for ABA services is intended to lift families up, not diminish their parenting. We all must stay open to self-reflection and embrace a growth mindset so that together we can make the difference. Target behaviors are stressful, but they are also an opportunity to grow and learn about ourselves and your child. We go forward acknowledging that we need to make space for each other’s perspectives, feelings, communication and need for help during our therapeutic relationship.

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