About Us


Behavior Blossoms was created to bridge the gap between in-home and in-school therapy for children with developmental disabilities.The mission of Behavior Blossoms LLC is to provide the highest quality clinical expertise and person-centered treatment in cutting edge technology, using data driven applied behavior analysis for children with behavioral difficulties. We seek to facilitate and empower trans-formative and sustainable improvement for the families we serve, their long-term outcomes and their quality of life with compassion and enthusiasm

Meet the Owners

C.E.O. Vanessa Ashton Kindy, BCBA

Vanessa is not only a behavior analyst, but she is a mom first, one who has experience with her own child suffering from behavioral issues and has seen firsthand what it is like to be a parent receiving services. Vanessa started in the field in 2010 and has worked for the last 10 years in many capacities, across various settings and with large and small companies. She began as a direct technician, trainer, and program writer, and later grew to become a consultant, supervisor, Director, regional Lead Analyst and student liaison with her master’s level Board Certification. In 2016, an opportunity opened up for Vanessa to create her own company, Behavior Blossoms, with the help of her husband. Some of those first families and staff that joined Behavior Blossoms are still with us today. Vanessa consistently strives to develop and improve herself, staff, and the agency, to provide the best services available. She is a believer in compassion, self-care and empathy and strives to develop collaborative relationships with schools, therapists, doctors, agencies and colleges.

C.F.O. Justin Kindy

Justin has a strong background in insurance policies, procedures and billing. After serving in the U.S. Army as an Intelligence Agent during 9/11, he transitioned into the civilian world, where he has worked with some of the biggest names in the insurance industry. He has been working in management, and insurance for over 15 years. His understanding of the inner-workings of insurance, public policy and administration, and his work ethic have made him the backbone of payroll and billing operations since our opening in 2016, and he is a firm believer in ethical practices.